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So I've been waiting for my usage to reset because I went over my limit & have been stuck using temporary note books, but it won't reset. I've restarted the program and my computer, signed in & out but it won't change; still have the warning about having reached my limit up the top & the incessant pop-up that I apparently need to see every 30 seconds if I dare do anything to a non-local note. 

I checked on the web version and it's correct, saying I have 24 days and 100% of my upload left, but the desktop client says 24 days left with 100% used, this is incorrect. I really don't have time to waste on buggy programs, is there a fix for this?

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Hi. If the web version says you have 100% of your upload left,  that should be correct,  though it's odd to see the limit totally unused - if you ran up against it last month I would have expected the next sync to use up a few KB at least...  You've already done the things which should fix the issue - a sync should now be possible to reset the limit.  It's unusual to have to do any more,  but you could try emptying the Trash notebook on your desktop and if that doesn't work uninstall and reinstall the app.  -That takes about 10 minutes and won't affect your notes,  though you should have a backup of the databases folder just in case...

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Thanks gazumped. Emptying the Trash solved this problem for me; it had been going on for many months. 

Sorry, the problem still seems to be there, but the message at the top of the screen is gone. Perhaps there has been a change, maybe there's a backlog or something.

Is there a way to see in detail what has been uploaded?


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The notes can be shown in the sequence they were last updated, with date.

If you change a note, this will make the note upload again, using again the full Size against your monthly allowance. So if you want to make a lot of small changes to larger notes, it is better to change them using the web client.

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Then there is maybe something else going on - at what day of the month your limit is usually resetting ?

Even if there is a backlog, it should start syncing those notes that are stuck in there. This should create newly synced notes.

If you want to reset everything, you could go Premium for just one month. This will give you an upload limit of 10GB, it will move the size limit of a single note up to 200MB and you have access to support, if things do not unlock by themselves.

Maybe it is worth the value of a cup of Starbucks brew.

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