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Bring back "Hide Unassigned Tags" in the tag tree



This was a really useful feature, please bring it back.

I have different notebooks for different themes, and different sets of tags that I use for each notebook. When I click on a notebook, I don't want to scroll down a list of hundreds of tags to find the ones that are relevant to the current notebook. It used to be great when I could right click on the tag tree and choose "hide unassigned tags".

Without this feature, when I'm looking for notes in a notebook I have to remember what tags I've used in that particular notebook to find them in the tag tree. I also have to remember what tags I already have to avoid creating duplicates with slightly different wording. This makes the really excellent method of tagging as a way of organising notes half as good as it could be, and is especially a problem for me because I have an awful memory. Hence why I need Evernote!

If this feature could be brought back, it would make Evernote perfect for me, please consider it.

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