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(Archived) Permissions problem - unhelpful error message



Unfortunately, I recently had to reinstall Leopard on my iMac. I saved my home directory to a backup disk, and then rsynced it back, but, I forgot to preserve permissions.

As I've been going along, fixing the resulting mess bit by bit, I have not encountered many difficulties. But Evernote presents a special problem. When I start up, it gives me an error saying

The file could not be opened because you do not have appropriate access privileges.
And then it does not log in to my account or let me log in to my account, etc. Now, if this was open source, I could find where that unhelpful error message is and thereby find the file. Alas.

So, in case anyone else ever has this problem, there's the error, and here's the fix: just delete the Evernote folder in ./Library/Application Support/.

It will have to sync your stuff back. You lose anything that isn't synced.

I tried setting the permissions to 775 recursively, but that wasn't enough. Something in there has to be writable by everyone, and I didn't want to figure out which one it is. If anyone does figure it out, please post it here (so I can get my unsynced notebook back).

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