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Display Reminder date/time in Note header



It is much too cumbersome to see the date/time data for a Reminder. On IOS, the data is clearly shown in the Note itself, but in Windows, it takes 3 clicks to get there to either see it or to change it. This is way too much effort and would be ideal to simply show it in the note header, and make it clickable to change. Please consider implementing this idea and make the lives of those of us who rely on Reminders much easier!

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The date/time is shown clearly in the note header if you right-click on the reminder icon in the note header toolbar to the right of the note title, and select Show Labels. Doesn't make it easier to modify, however; clicking on the date just toggles the reminder on and off.

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Thanks for the tip, but doesn't seem to be working for me. It already indicates "Show Labels", but nothing is shown in the note header even though many icons are shown when I click customize. And I can't seem to drag any of the icons to the toolbar either as nothing happens when I drag them. I must be missing something obvious... See attached video click of what I am doing. Thanks

4-22-2017 6-57-52 PM.avi

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Never mind. finally got the dragging to work. Thank you!  By the way, when I click on the date, it doesn't toggle on or off. Instead it brings up the menu to Mark as Done, Clear Reminder, or Change Date.

Also, would be great if it also showed the time in addition to the Date... Yes, I do want it all! :)

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