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Please Streamline the 'Add Tags' Dialog



Adding tags in a note is a breeze until the note runs out of space to display them.

When there's plenty of space, the process of adding tags combines the ability to type them one after the other with the drop-down selection, enabling the addition of several tags for the key presses it would take type one out completely, a wonderful example of how software design can keep up with human thought.


When there is no more space to display them, though, the dialog box is required.



It functions, but only offers the drop-down selection for the first option typed into it, completely breaking the flow of adding new tags.

I wish the dialog mimicked the powerful capabilities of adding tags that is available on the note itself, by segmenting selected tags off in their little blue box and cuing up a list that will be added to the note upon clicking "OK."

Or, as a simpler solution, I would prefer this dialog be summoned with Ctrl-Alt-T rather than the mouse-heavy "Assign Tags" window. I never found a reason why it deserved the shortcut more than the 'Add Tags' dialog... With this change, the mouse could be completely omitted from the process of adding tags--a very useful thing if you use them excessively like me!

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