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(Archived) Bug Report: Title<>Note

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If this is not the proper place to report a bug, I apologize. I did search for somewhere to report the problem.

I downloaded EN3 today and have been working with about 40 notes brought over from EN2.2 and I'm currently changing the titles. Occasionally after editing titles and working through the list, the title will no longer take me to the proper note.

i.e. I click on a title and it will take me to one note above what it is supposed to. . .the problem persists until I click on a tag or different notebook which refreshes the title list.

Also, does the title get indexed, and if it's changed, does it automatically get re-indexed?


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Are you talking about the note list here

Yes, the notes list (sorry for the incorrect terminology in the first post).

(i.e. click on the item in the note list positions you on the wrong note on the tape)?

Thank you for a better explanation, yes this is correct.

If yes, what column do you have your note list sorted by?

Creation Date, which I believe is the default.

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