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How to grab and send only the URL + title of a webpage to an old Evernote note


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Hi everyone,  can you help me with this?

I love Evernote but I have like 100 open tabs between my laptop and my android tablet (yeah, I know... :p I just can't help it! !lol even using OneTab I always end up with lots of tabs!). These are tabs/links tha i want to bookmark on Evernote quickly but dont want to create new Evernote Notes each time I save the URLs using the web clipper., this tool does not allow to pick particular Notes, just Notebooks, and thencreates a new Note, which i dont want. I want the URLs that I want to bookmark on Evernote to go to specific Notes that I have created a long time ago. (please see screenshot, it's how I want them to be in the end). Currently I'm copying + pasting all the URLs and web titles by hand and then leaving Chrome, opening Evernote and going to the specific Note where I want to put the URL , but doing this takes forever, specially on my tablet!. I'm using the free Evernote version.. I checked some integraitons with Pocket, IFTTT, OneNote, but I believe its always impossible to pick specific Notes, is this correct?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks! :)



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Is it true you want to add the link to the note and also to a specific spot in the note?  No way I know to do that currently.  

You could use the bookmark feature of clipper.  That would create a set of new notes that you could work through copying the URL into the old notes deleting as you go.  When the list is gone you would be done.  FWIW.


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thanks @csihilling ! my problem is that exactly, i'm doing what you say already but it takes a lot of time, in one week I have dozens of things I want to bookmark and then with this approach i spend a lot of time copying the bookmarks inside the new notes , deleting the new notes and searching for the correct Old Note to place the bookmark. And the web clipper only allows me to create NEW Notes, and not to paste the links to OLD Notes that i have already organized inside Evernote. But thanks for trying to help, I appreciate that! 

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You are welcome.  Only other way would be to open the target note while on the page and copy/paste right then.  

From an automation perspective, even if EN knew the note you wanted to use it might be problematic determining where in the note to place the link.  How would it know?  :wacko:

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exactly, when i have the time thats the approach i take, as it saves me time in the long term. 

i dont mind the place where the link gets pasted on, really. i just wanted to be ale to have it pasted on an old note, preferably with the title. For now, I guess i have to keep doing like this.

thanks for trying to help! :)


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Glad nobody closed comments.   This is tagged for Chrome so there are two extensions "Copy URLs to Clipboard" and my preference is "TabCopy"

This extension that best matches your request is TabCopy choosing "Compact" before selecting "selected tabs" or "all Tabs".   You don't get blank lines between but you can select the block and make it a bullet list.

How to grab and send only the URL + title of a webpage to an old Evernote note - Productivity - Evernote User Forum: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105674-how-to-grab-and-send-only-the-url-title-of-a-webpage-to-an-old-evernote-note/
Options | CopyAllURLs: chrome-extension://djdmadneanknadilpjiknlnanaolmbfk/options.html
TabCopy Options: chrome-extension://micdllihgoppmejpecmkilggmaagfdmb/options.html

The format I prefer is Rich Text format by first choosing the "Link" option in TabCopy.    This  time after pasting the block, I selected the block and clicked  on bullet list in text formatting of this note which you can also do in Evernote.  

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