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A lot of problems with tables and more!

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I was working on my notes an entire week giving it format: some tables, colors, bold typography, nothing unusual. In the App of my Mac all was looking good until I checked the iOS App and the "Web App"; that nice format has gone, in the iOS my notes looks very different, the Web App is an entire mess, all is completely unorganized. The worst came when I update anything, the minimal thing that I modify in iOS or Web App just ruined all my notes in the Mac App too. This is exactly what I wasn't looking in a notes App, can someone tell me how to fix this?, and taking advantage please recommend me a true Note Taking App. Thank you very much!        





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The current Mac and IOS versions have known problems with tables
I can live with with the Mac issues, but am delaying upgrading to the IOS v8 version

>>can someone tell me how to fix this?

To restore corrupted data, I retrieve from backed up data.  
I have personal backups and Evernote has a Note History feature.  Its a paid feature, but you only have to subscribe for a single month

>>please recommend me a true Note Taking App.

Which platform?  There's SimpleNote
Personally, I'm happy with Evernote's filing feature, and the editor is good for basic notes.  I use dedicated word processing apps for serious writing


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Hi DTLow, thanks for you answer, I´ll have to copy/paste 52 large notes to another App; there is no way to fix this problem. I ´m trying Simple Note right now and works good, at least it doesn´t promise functions that it isn´t capable to handle. I´m very disappointed with the evernote products, few years ago I purchased a Evernote Jot Script and I paid for one year subscription of Evernote, both was a complete disaster, I asked for my money back but just got stupid answers, now the Jot script is on garbage and my notes are unusable. I can´t understand how we still beliving in advertising, I was reading some posts in this forum and the word of mouth is not good for this brand. Anyway, Im just saying good bye to all evernote products since now!!! 

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I've been having the same problem. In my mac the tables look fine. However when I view the notes in my iPhone the tables get narrowed down to fit around 1/3 of the screen even in landscape mode.

I tried the following to no avail.

1. Simplify formatting

2. Extend the table horizontally to fit 100% the width.

3. delete the table to make a new one


As I predominantly work with tables for organization the iPhone app makes everything pretty useless for now. I hope this gets fixed soon.


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