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Any Way To Change Paragraph Width?

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I am pasting some plain text from Windows Notepad application into an Evernote Note, and it is going off the right end of the page, as if I have a page width setting that is too wide.  If I type in text by hand, it neatly tucks to the next line on the left aligned column as soon as I type to the end of the right edge of the Note.   Something has broken the ability of this Note to automatically format the text, and it is acting as if the page width is twice the display area.   Is there any setting that controls paragraph width?  How can I enable auto-formatting of paragraph text so I don't need to manually set any page width?   I already tried to "Remove All Formatting" and this changes nothing except font.

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No, not in Evernote. Normal behavior is to word-wrap at eh window boundary, but depending on where the note content came from, it may have markup that messes with that.

You could try putting your content into a table, or exporting to ENML, adding markup outside of Evernote, and then re-importing.

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