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Same data suddenly shows on all 30,000 notes

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Evernote Version (303788) Public

OS: Windows 10.0.14393

I googled a name and pasted the results (name and phone number) into a new note.

It was heavily formatted with a large font and a background. So I highlighted the name and phone number in the note, then right clicked and selected Remove Formatting

And instantly, the unformatted name and phone number showed up at the bottom of every one of my 30,000 notes!!!

  • Because it had the appearance of a context related note I turned off the context options, but there was no change.
  • No change from logging on and off from Evernote
  • I cannot edit the info, move the info, or delete the info.


  • Good news - the name and phone number do not appear in the Evernote Web. So I am assuming it was caused by the Evernote Windows client. But manual syncs do not solve the problem.
  • Also good news - I created a new note and the name and phone number do not show up.

Next couple repair steps (uninstall/reinstall) and/or (complete rebuild from Evernote).

I'd like to know if anyone has any other suggestions before I take the 4+ hour rebuilding approach. Thank you

edit: Here is a screen capture of an Evernote note I created several years ago. I blurred the name and phone number.

Evenote Formtatting.png

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Glad it resolved itself!  Perhaps that was an Evernote Easter Egg ;)

Unless you had a 4-hour experience recently,  you may be pleasantly surprised next time it comes due.  I had some system issues which forced a reinstall,  and the database was back up very quickly.  Plus I recently opted for 'on-demand' syncing on my backup laptop,  and the setup took no time at all - the note index downloaded in seconds.


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