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Latest update for iPad crashes immediately

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I've written to customer service but wanted to check in to see if anyone else if getting continual crashes with the iPad app. So far, my iPhone app is okay. Both devices are up to date, and no other app is giving me problems. But on the iPad, even after uninstalling and re-installing the Evernote app, I'm unable to use it. I pay a monthly fee for Evernote, usually a reliable product that I use heavily. I'm hoping this can be fixed soon.

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Hi.  Always a good idea to check the release thread for whichever Evernote version you have and post there (where developers are watching) if you don't find anything similar.

No specific fixes for mobile devices other than a reinstall,  which you could try again while you're waiting for CS to respond...

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Thanks, gazumped! I've posted a query on that thread and will see what happens. And I will try the re-install. Very annoying, though.


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