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Improve Search tool etc.

jaskaran singh


evernote is an awesome platform for making notes be it for anyone student, business purpose etc. 

ill like to request your team to please update/revamp the search tool, so that it directs us to the searched word as in microsoft  word. while searching for a word in 50 documents, evernote simply takes us to the particular document, not at the particular place where the word is placed. while scrolling down many a times we miss the desired word for which the search was intended. Even just highlighting the word doesnt offer much help in a document of 100 lines with more than 50 similarly placed words. pls make it like MS WORD

pls allow us to directly copy the content as it is from the MS WORD. In the current version tables made in MS WORD gets jumbled up as & when pasted in evernote 

Pls improve the spelling checker & grammar options, again similar to MS WORD. It does not capitalise the word after full stop for instance. Such petty things mean a lot when making a long & lengthy document.

ill like to request your team if you can replicate as far as  possible near to MS WORD in the coming updates. this will help us eliminate the use MS WORD completely per se in making our lengthy documents. As of now I need to type in WORD first & then paste in Ever note for sharing/presentation.

Thanks in advance 

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