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Search for tags or projects in iOS clipper/extension



Hello! Am I the only one who am bothered that we can't search for tags or notebooks in the Evernote extension clipper in iOS?

I'm sure I'm not the only one using Evernote that have an extensive tags collections in combination with a lot of notebooks. This means that every time I want to add something I try to clip from say Safari, I need to scroll all the way to find the right tag, which most of the time can't be done easily. Especially when I'm on the run. 

I can't seem to find any other thread about this issue, so hope this reach the right people and that it can become included in the roadmap. I don't know how it's about you, but this literally makes me NOT want to use the the clipper function most of the time, and with that less use of Evernote... 

I mean other apps does this excellently. Example: Day One journaling app So why not Evernote? Please fix this.

File 2017-04-14, 16 57 03.png

File 2017-04-14, 16 57 34.png

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