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(Archived) data loss :(

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I'm evaluating Evernote and it is mostly positive, but I've just encountered a data loss using the product which has cost me hours of work.

Basically I'm taking notes on a scholarly text. In order to move quickly through the material, I used Evernote on the iPad to create voice annotations for certain passes. So the end result was a single post with around > 20 short voice recordings. It sync'ed to the server and seemed OK (although the UI got strange with many voice annotations.. it would occasionally display only a few etc.).

Later I sync'ed to desktop and began transcribing the important ideas from the voice annotations into text in the same post. I went through all the voice annotations and added text to the post and deleted voice annotations as I went through.

When I went back to the post today... all of the text was gone, including some of the voice clips which were deleted when I added text :). So the data is gone and I can't find it anywhere...

I've used Microsoft OneNote for years and I've *never* lost data with OneNote. Very disappointing...

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