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I'm trying to get back to Evernote after several years.  The email address my records show I started with does not work because when I try to reset a password, I never get an email.

When I tried signing in with gmail, it found an account but that just has one notebook on it.  Must have been my earlier playing around.  I have another account which has a lot of notebooks and notes in it but I can't access it.  Please help.

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Hi.  First of all we're not Evernote as such here,  just a (mostly) user-supported forum;  you need to contact support about password issues - anyone can message them on Twitter via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

If you can remember your original username and password,  try logging in with that - and if you know what the email was you used at the time,  try that too in the login.  The 'lost password' process just sends an email to your last known address so if you no longer have access,  that clearly won't work. 

I'd suggest you send a twitter message that you have a password issue and wait for a response so you can direct-message the details.

Over a holiday weekend this may take a little while...

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