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When I open Evernote iOS, I receive a list of all my notes. I, and probably many others don't use Evernote that way. Therefore, I'd like to be able to select whether I want to be presented a list of my folders (or folder shortcuts). Think LESS clicks, not more. 

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Moved to iOS specific feedback forum.

Also, there are no "folders" in Evernote; surely you meant "notebooks".

BTW, the Android version of Evernote just picks up where you left off, providing you haven't signed out of the application or restarted your device: if you're in a note, then you come back to that note, if you're in a folder list, you come back there.

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Thank you Jeff, and yes, I meant to type notebooks. Unlike the Android version, the iOS version doesn't save where you last left off.  Which for me, this creates far more clicks than I want to perform. In translation, this is going backwards in tech, and not forward. It's simplicity of workflow that brought me to love Evernote but of late, that objective is getting downgraded in priority with each new release. 

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