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Evernote Mac 6.11: Pasted Table formatting is unusable

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In Evernote Mac 6.11, any tables copied and pasted from a web browser now have unusable formatting including ones that were copied before Evernote 6.11 was installed.

Attached is a PDF of the first part of a note in Windows Evernote and Mac Evernote 6.11.  Both screen captures show the same file in the current version of the note.


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Hi @Ron Vutpakdi,

Thanks for reporting this. Our developers are currently gathering information on this issue. Would you mind submitting a support ticket so we can gather some info from you for further investigation?

Let me know the ticket number here and I'll be able to follow up on it for you. Thanks!


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I have precisely same issue.  Just began in last week or so.  Not sure when last version roll was.  Makes literally thousands of my notes unusable on the Mac app (v 6.11).  Example attached.  I believe applies to web clipped and emailed notes as well.  Does not apply to web app.  

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.32.34 PM.png

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I use Sublime Text's Export to HTML plugin to paste code with syntax styling into Evernote. Now, Evernote forces its own styling for pasted tables rather than the HTML/CSS that's on the clipboard which breaks this particular note taking method for me.  

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