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Show URL when hovering over hyperlink text



Hi :) Fairly self-explanatory. When we have hyperlinked some text inside a note, we need to put the cursor on the text and press Ctrl/Cmd-K to examine where that link would take us.

I would find it useful if Evernote copied web behaviour by automatically displaying the proposed destination in a tooltip if you paused the mouse for, say a second, over the link (at the moment it only shows a pointer cursor). In fact, it would probably be even better if you didn't have to wait and it just displayed that URL immediately on hover. This could be either as local tooltip (my preference) or I guess in some kind of status bar at the bottom.

The reason this would be useful is it is not fact easy to focus on the link and run the Cmd-K shortcut, because to click on the link of course triggers it. So I find myself instead having to arrow into the text using the keyboard before pressing Cmd-K.

As a workaround I often just paste the URL itself as the text.

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Hi Evernote, 

   Can you please provide this feature as I have to click the link otherwise to find out. It will save sometime, if I know on hover that ok this is so and so link and that leads to decision of not opening the links many a times. Thanks.




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