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(Archived) Encrypted notes uploaded

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I have some encrypted notes in my local database that I have uploaded to the online database. They show up there in their encrypted, but visible, state. Is there any way for me to decrypt those online like I can locally?

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Somewhere in the forum is a discussion about encryption not being as useful in the web version, i.e., you can see that stuff's encrypted, but not accessible. Do a search. The discussion was long and involved mention of why it's not safe to allow decryption with the web version.

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The current behavior of the web UI is broken ... you're seeing a bunch of crypto gunk that isn't very friendly. That should be changed by the end of the week so that you see a more pleasing graphical placholder that indicates "there's encrypted content here".

Like crane said, the security of this feature makes it very difficult for us to offer decryption via the web UI, since we don't ever want to see your encryption passphrase on our servers. This means that, for the short term, you'd want to view your encrypted content on one of our desktop clients.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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