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Please, I need to have an advise on how to change settings to download correctly my offline notes. In my tablet with Android (version 4.4.2) I had Evernote synced, but it stopped due to lack of space. The problem I have is that I have a SD card with 32 GB I've put exclusively for Evernote, and it won't use it to either install Evernote or save my offline stuff. How can I set this??

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Hi.  Unfortunately somewhere between Google deciding that Android didn't need too much storage space and Evernote worrying that storing data in removable storage might be a security risk,  it's really only possible to keep music and video and picture files ("Media files") on an SD card.  I have 64 unused GB on my current phone for the same reason.  Whatever available internal storage space you have is pretty much the limit for your offline searchable files.  I have a separate notebook and move files into and out of it as I need them for meetings,  reference and travel.  There's lots of feedback on the forums that thuis would be a popular feature,  but no sign yet that either Google or Evernote will make it possible...


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