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Unique clipped screenshot image name.



Suggestion: Make clipped screenshot image names unique.

Current state: Every cliiped image is saved in evernote as attachement to note with the same name ScreenClip.png

Why it should be suggested way: because if you save different clipped images to the same folder you always get same name OS dialog and should manually handle renaming routines. Mereover there are some software such as Atlassian Confluence that can not handle same name attachments to the same page.

This seems obvious but Evernote over the years lack this super usefull feature. 

As havy user of Evernote screenshot clipper and skitch markup I struggle of same name ScreenClip.png of all clipped images. Usual workflow is as follows:

1. Make some actions within the the software I need to document, clip a number of screenshots to evernote using clipper.

2. Annotate this clips with skitch right frome the evernote usung hover annotate button.

3. Begin writing documentation in Atlassian Confluence and drag and drop annotated clips right from evernote note window to the browser. 

The problem with that is that all clips has the same name, whis is impossible to confluence to handle. So I need first to save clipped image on disk, give it unique name and then drag and drop it from disk to browser.


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