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Google docs attachment-link does not open

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Google docs link are not working.

I have inserted a google doc link into an evernote-note,
using the "Attach file from google drive" shortcut found in the "Editing toolbar" of the note.

However, when I click on the attached file, nothing happens. 
It is not because the link is dead, or the attached file has been deleted, because I can still copy the link from the attachment, and 
insert it into the browser, which opens the google doc.


It worked last week and I cannot remember that I have changed anything...

Any suggestions?






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Hi.  My links are working fine,  and you seem to have attached the link correctly.  Have you tried a good old-fashioned switchitalloffandswitchitonagain?  If a restart doesn't fix it,  I'd suggest this is one for support - If you're a paying subscriber it's a good idea to contact them directly at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (premium subscribers can chat from the same link) - or anyone can message them on Twitter via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

Also.  if a restart doesn't work - have you tried other files in other folders?  Maybe it's that particular one that's the issue...

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