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FEATURE REQUEST: Scrollable vertical audio track, alongside notes. Notes show on same horizontal as audio to see where in the audio the text fit in



Hi. I just had an idea as I'm trying to follow an audio recording along side my notes. If I scroll through the audio, its hard to find where in my notes I am meant to be, in sync with the audio. So I thought if we could have a vertical scrollable audio track. One that say sits on the left hand side, and is scrollable. On the right side, would be the respective notes...and perhaps the text line is highlighted as and when you scroll through the audio to see the correct applicable notes to the audio. Just a thought, to make the experience richer. As right now, I'm struggling to find where I am each time I scroll through audio.




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Hi.  Nice idea,  but expensive to implement - have a look at the cost of other (mostly pen-related) systems that do the same thing.  Is it worth Evernote spending time to develop something similar to other products on the market that will add a big chunk to the price of their product?

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