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Search Function Within a Notebook for Tags



In Evernote Desktop, there is a feature that you can search directly within a certain notebook, and if you search tags, it will display tags from only within that notebook (not from other notebooks). In Evernote Web, you're limited only to the search function that displays every notebook and the tag function which also displays every notebook. It makes it hard for me to organize a single class's Unit 6 notes (tagged with Unit 6) from other classes' Unit 6 notes in Evernote Web. I think it will be a nice feature to add that search feature.

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Hi.  My gut reaction would be that messing with the search syntax might lead to early tears.  On the other hand why not use the notebook structure to tag the notes with the class name or number as well as the unit numbers?  Then a search for something like "tag:class_1 tag:unit_6" (without the quotes) would meet your needs...

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I'm definitely not new to search syntaxes (I delve into BASH, makefiles, c programming files all day [the whole reason why I'm using the web and not the desktop version is because I'm on Linux]), but I tried using the search syntax you recommended and it's not working with my tags.

In the screenshot is what I typed and the tags are not appearing. I also searched tag:unit_6 and it also did not work.

Teach me the search syntaxes for Evernote Web and I'll forever be grateful :D (I really need the tag searching)

Screenshot from 2017-04-05 22-03-10.png

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