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Penultimate Stopped Auto-Syncing

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I've been using Penultimate for a while and found it annoying that I had to go back out to the notebook level in order to get my Penultimate note to sync.

Now it no longer does even that. The little green triangle just stays in the upper right corner of the note icon and the note does not update in Evernote. The green triangle used to go away after a minute and I'd see the updated note in Evernote.

I can get it to sync manually by going out to the list of notebooks and clicking the gear icon ⚙. This brings out the basic settings where there is a sync icon ⟳ next to the last sync time. Clicking on this icon ⟳ forces it to sync.

How can I get it to sync automatically again? I'm concerned that I'll forget to manually sync it and my notes won't be up to date.

"Sync on WiFi only" is turned off.

"Pause Syncing" is turned off.

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I never did get a response from Evernote. However the syncing started up again on it's own. I think all I did was make sure Penultimate was shutdown and relaunched it.

Double press the command button on the iPad then swipe up on Penultimate to close it.



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Hi - for the record,  we're a -mainly- user-supported forum,  not a direct line to the company.  You can contact Support if you're a paying customer or tweet them if not..  https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

In the forums,  if no-one else has the expertise to assist,  you tend to get the tumbleweed effect as here...  but restarting everything is usually the first (and best) suggestion for most things anyway...  :)

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