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Feature Request : Smarter Searching



Evernote should maintain the location of the first instance of the keyword that I searched for when I open or resize the note. IE the cursor should automatically be at the first instance of the keyword.  Here's the flowchart: Evernote found the keyword multiple times across multiple notes. > These multiple instances are highlighted across multiple notes thus evernote knows the locations. User opens the desired note > This user action triggers search for the keyword and positions cursor. < DONE.

Here's another one:  When you search within a note, the search should begin at the position of the cursor NOT at the beginning of the note or if a previous search was done for a different keyword the search starts there which makes NO sense.  This would be especially useful in a large note where I know the general location of the keyword instance that I want.  This should be easy > the cursor position is always known.

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