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Evernote missing from right click menu!



New pc windows 10 IE11 - Evernote (clip page/clip selection) is missing from right click menu although 'Add to Evernnote 5' is available on the Tools menu.  My Evernote Add-in is enabled.  Should I try uninstalling/reinstalling Evernote or is there an IE11 feature that I can action? Any help or ideas will be welcome!

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Hi.  AFAICS the Evernote 'clip' icon is in the menu bar,  and the two clip page / clip bookmark items in the dropdown are the Evernote options.  What happens if you use one or all of these links?


-If you had highlighted part of the text one of those drop-down options would be 'clip selection'...

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What I should have said was that the Clip options (which I was using before I migrated to my new PC) were both missing - but I didn't notice that they had reappeared in my screenshot!  However, IE11 on my old PC had an option to Clip selection which Is missing in my screenshot.  Nevertheless, I just booted up my pc and lo and behold all three options now appear!  I seems that I needed to restart and open and close IE11 several times before the menu items all registered.  Curiouser and curiouser!  Anyway, sorry to have bothered you and thanks for your help.

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No problem at all - I do remember one version of Evernote where the 'selection' option was only visible when you actually selected text,  but the current Windows installed client - which is 6.5.4 - does have a full menu in both the drop down and the toolbar options.  (At least mine does...)

As long as your database is synced and you have no local notebooks,  an uninstall / reinstall is no big deal - takes about 10 minutes on a Windows PC - so you could run through that to make sure you've got a fully working version...

Good luck!

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Hi, The Evernote Clip icon is available on my Firefox toolbar. However, it has the red dot, and when I sign in it does not change nor sign me in. Instead, it flashes when I try again, until I erase the cookies. Therefore, i can not clip. It is active in my  "Add Ons." I had used this feature faithfully since clip was introduced, but for the last year it has posed a problem. I did get it to perform properly once from a suggestion on the internet, but I don't remember that fix (which has obviously not lasted). Please help.


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