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(Archived) GPS data BROKEN when transfered from iPhone to Mac



Ok.. so I have been using Evernote to save photos and their locations so that I can build a database of photo shoot locations (i'm a photographer). I take the photo with my iPhone (not in the evernote app) and then import the photo as a note. The note syncs to Evernote and eventually makes it to my Mac. On the Mac I click on the "More Info" button and choose the "View on map" button. My browser opens and shows me a point on the map. This is where the problem comes into play. On the iPhone when I choose the option (in evernote) to see the location it shows up correct. On the Mac when I choose the option to see the location it does NOT show the location correctly. There is GPS data in the Mac client along with the photo BUT it does not match the location of the iPhone. It keeps wanting to show me that my location is my house. And it does this on all the photos I have done this to.

Not sure that this is supposed to work this way and its very frustrating since IF it worked it would be an almost prefect solution for what I trying to do. PLESE FIX THIS!!

For reference I also tried the GPS coordinates in Bing and it was the same thing.

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Ok.. I guess I misunderstood how the GPS data was being used. Its using the GPS info from where the note is created rather then the GPS data from where the photo is taken. So lets make that a feature request then.. Make it so that we can add a photo from the camera roll and the GPS data from the photo is used for the map location instead.

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