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Typing Bug V6.5.4.4720?



I have my Evernote set to create a new note in a new window and to set the new note focus to title.

This works fine when I start a new note, I can quickly type my title and then move to the body of the note. However, I use Evernote to do a lot of initial drafting so I frequently stop and think about what I'm writing rather than doing a quick brain dump. What I have found is that when I pause the focus moves from the body of the note back to the title box and as I restart typing it appears at the front of the title. 

As far as I can tell this only happens when I am typing in a note in a separate window. If I move from the note in a separate window to the copy of the new note in the main app window and type there the problem doesn't appear, even though there is a copy of the note open in a separate window.

Is this a bug or possibly a keyboard/PC issue.

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Hi.  Haven't noticed this issue,  and I tend to pop out a couple of admin notes in separate windows whilst I'm doing other things. 

If it's a problem I'd suggest trying the standard cascade fix of

  • File > Exit Evernote and log back in
  • power your device off and back on
  • uninstall / restart (again) / reinstall
  • and if all that fails,  talk to Support!
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Hey, same bug for me. 

Whats interesting, i had it now at two windows desktops - both at my laptop and PC. 

I found out, that its happening when Evernote is copying your text from separate window to the main window. In that moment cursor focus is being switched from main window to the title box. I think that bug is occuring only since last update, but im not 100% sure about that.

As i found this bug to appear at two separte devices, im really sceptic to fix it solely by reinstalling software.

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I reported this bug to Evernote Support. They confirmed that it is a known bug but there is no info at present when it will be fixed.

I've disabled the Initial focus on the the title bar for a new note and now type my desired title as first line of the note. This will then become the Title in the Title Bar when I move to the next line.

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Nice.  I thought I was going crazy.  I kept thinking I was accidentally hitting a shortcut or something.

It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm in a new note or not.  I'll just start typing away and then the focus jumps.  I assumed it was an issue with syncing.

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Yeah, this bug is killing me right now. I'm trying to type up one note and it's taking me forever, having to constantly delete all the stuff I typed in the title that was supposed to be in the body, then retype it in the body. Then the focus changes again and I repeat the process, ad nauseam. Hopefully they fix it soon!

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Thanks for the workaround from me too!

I'll sound like a spoiled brat, but I'm a bit dissapointed with the leasure Evernote had in approaching this. Contacted support almost 25 days ago and they confirmed that they are aware of it but no ETA on the fix and no workaround provided. Something highly disruptive but probably really easy to fix has to wait for ~1 month to be addressed,

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