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Emailing to a EverNote Business Account



Would it be possible to get a 2nd email address to use to send emails directly to my Evernote Business account?  I know i can add @BusinessInbox to the end of the subject line but I am often BCC'ing to my EN email address so don't want to do that.  Any work-arounds or plans to fix this?

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No plans for or against that anyone's aware of AFAIK - my thought would be to do a bit of indirect redirecting (sorry) - you could set up IFTTT or some similar service to pick up on another keyword in the email body or title (like a client's email address or a project name) and redirect those specific emails,  or you could BCC your mails to an email address you control and set up a rule at that end to forward all incoming emails from your address (or containing keywords...) to the @BusinessInbox notebook.

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