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source:web.clip shows only half of what it should

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11 minutes ago, lino sutter said:

i tagged all my notes i've ever clipped with "clip". but if i search for "source:web.clip", it doesn't even show half of the content it should.

How about searching for tag:clip

The "source" meta data is hidden, but I could look at it using Applescript, or DB Browser

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Any feeling for possible external differences - different browser / device / web page for the unfound clips with that term?  Is the search made on a different device?

Plus -  if you're a paying subscriber it's a good idea to contact support directly at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (premium subscribers can chat from the same link) - or anyone can message them on Twitter via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

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Today I discovered that, like @lino sutter, I too am getting only partial results when I search on source:web.clip. Just for fun, I searched on source:web but got zero results. Then I must have been bored because I kept goofing around. Turns out, if you search on source:web.* then TA DA you get all notes that were created using the clipper!


  • I tried this on EN for Win (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) but it probably works on the newest client for Windows, as well as in the iOS and Mac clients. Can anyone verify this? Perhaps @DTLow or  @gazumped?
  • I did not check to see if source:web.* returned exactly every matching note in my notebooks. I just checked closely enough to see that it returned the last several clips that I remember making...clips that were not found when I searched on source:web.clip.
  • Maybe web.clip only matches clips that are partial pages (as opposed to simplified article clips, full article clips, and full page clips). Presumably there are other web. suffixes that are not documented here or here. I tried web.article and web.page but got zero results even though I know I'd made clips like that. I wonder what the secret suffixes are?
  • Sorry to post this on a thread from three (3) years ago. I'll try and find a newer thread and post there as well.
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Hmmn.  Not quite sure what the difference is,  but it is significant.  With web.clip I get roughly 7.5K hits,  with web.* I get 9.5K

I tagged 140 of the wildcard version,  then searched for any web.clip notes that also had the wildcard tag.  I got 5 notes!  Beyond the fact they're all complete web pages - no images or short paragraphs I can't see anything special about those notes.  Maybe someone with a smaller group of hits can process the whole lot,  tag the larger series and then see what's special about those notes.

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