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Embed Evernote public folder on WP

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Well - Evernote doesn't do 'folders',  so I'm assuming you mean a notebook.  Which - if it's just accessed by public URL - is a essentially web page.  So in theory you could i-frame a page into WP (I assume).  However1 a notebook 'contains' notes which have to link to and from a URL which isn't (presumably) going to be anything like the one for your WP page.  So I'm heading from 'I don't know' in the direction of 'Nope.'

However2 I'm not by any means a developer - they hang out at Stack Overflow where you might be better off asking this question...

You might also look into a Table of Contents page which is just a web page with links (which you could make public links) to other note pages,  which could have (public) links with each other and back to the ToC page.  It's a way to build a mini web site with access through one URL - which might be a quick-n-dirty way to do this...

When you find a solid answer,  would you mind coming back to tell us about it please?  I can see there being other WP techs out there with an interest...

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The idea of a table of contents is not the best, but it might work... And yes, I was talking about notebooks. I have a public notebook, and I wanted to be able to embed the notebook on my website. But I guess I'll have to just embed the table of contents (as soon as I find the code to i-frame it.

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