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Notes saved on my Android device aren't saving any location information. In addition, I can't find any location settings in the settings menu. Has geo-tagging of notes been taken away? 

Even if my notes were being tagged with location info, I can't find a way in the Android app to search or sort notes by location. I use Evernote almost exclusively on my phone. On rare occasions I use the web version on my Chromebook, and even less frequently on my wife's Windows laptop.

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HI.  Evernote > Settings > Notes;  has 'Add location to new notes' / 'Auto-title using location' - the options may not be visible if GPS is not available on your device for some reason (at least,  they didn't used to be - not sure what the current setup is.)  What's your current Evernote version and device?

Edit: Also check out

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