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Pictures/Thumbnails not showing up in notebook column? Need help please.

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I'm new to Evernote and trying to organize my crafting supplies into categories and add images as well.  I can add the pictures just fine, however, I want a thumbnail to show up in the folder column, so I don't have to click on each one seperately to view the picture.  A few are showing up but most are not.  Anyone know how I can accomplish this on each and every note?  I wondered if it may be due to the size of the pictures I add, but I am not sure how to make them smaller.  Thanks for any help! 

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Hi.  'Folders' are actually notebooks,  and they don't get a picture at all,  they just have names.

If you're including a picture in a note,  and using the 'snippet' list view for the note titles,  you'll certainly see a thumbnail of whatever size picture you attached.  If you're adding a lot of information though it may take some while for the picture thumbnails to catch up,  so I'd give it a day or so before you start to poke settings around.

If you can use smaller picture file sizes that would probably speed things up - you'd need to have a way outside of Evernote of reducing the size though.  Most picture editing tools can do this. Evernote can't.  It will store whatever you give it... and create its own thumbnail.

Use Google's image search if you can - that will allow you to look for small images of any object and copyright concerns aren't an issue if this is for your own use only.

I clipped part of a search page for 'widget' (which interestingly includes pictures of beer...)  - there's no 'small' but the 'icon' option might be good,  or 'medium'...



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I was having a similar (maybe the same?) issue with my Snippets view.  The picture would show in the note, but not in the Snippet view.  It happens inconsistently.  To work around this, I opened the Windows Snipping Tool, snipped the picture in the note, then copy and pasted that snipped picture back into the note.  Once I do that, the image displays in the Snippet view.  I can't explain why this works, but you might try it.

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Normally JPEGs with a few hundert kB or a little more than a MB work.

Probably the routine EN is using to generate the thumbnail does not like to munch down one of the multimegapics we all create today. And I think (without proof) that the format should be JPG or PNG, maybe GIF.

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