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IA Writer export to Evernote

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I'm considering getting iA Writer, and was wondering if I can export the markdown into rich text in Evernote?


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I don't use the app,  but on a quick look it says it exports to DOCX or PDF formats so you should be fine.  You could (presumably) also just attach the iA Writer file to a note and open that directly...

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I suppose you want the formated IA Writer text as formated note text? Other Markdown editors have no problem because they export HTML in a direct way to Evernote and Evernote can interprete a basic set of HTML correct. But IA Writer (iOS) attaches HTML as a seperate file (share menu and Mail export) - so you get an empty note with HTML attached file.

But you can activate the IA Writer preview than "mark all"/"copy" and past this in Evernote. Not elegant but it works.

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