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Since updating to the latest release ( I've noticed that Evernote syncs automatically on startup.

I want to choose when to sync manually (by clicking the "Sync" button). How can I restore this to the way it used to work?

I have the "Synchronize automatically" box unchecked in Options.




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If you use Evernote on any other devices, syncing on startup is simply protecting you from overwriting changes you made elsewhere.  Although there are several sync options in Evernote Windows,  startup doesn't seem to be one of them.  You could untick everything and try to remember to sync manually...

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After checking again it seems Evernote didn't sync when I reopened it again this morning. Maybe it only syncs at particular intervals (once a day?) rather than on startup as I had previously thought.

Whatever, I would prefer to have manual control over when a sync happens. It definitely didn't use to behave this way on previous releases.


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