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Evenote notes only works if connected to WiFi

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Hello folks

This is the first time i've had a issue and used this forum - have had Evernote since 2012....

Lately, my Evernote has not been working when away from Wifi. Notes will not load nor can I create new notes.

My cellular data / internet connection works perfectly fine with all my other apps on my phone.

The setting 'Wireless network sync only' is un-ticked.

It is very frustrating the Evernote does not work when I am away from the office / home.

What is the fix please?


Many thanks




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Hi.  What level of account do you have?  It's possible that if you have a basic account and more than two devices connected (with the phone being the third one) you're being caught by that limit...

Otherwise - catchall fix for mobile issues - uninstall the app,  restart the device,  reinstall. 

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