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Mind Map Functionality (powerful enhancement for Evernote)



I would like to suggest the ability to take all of my ideas and be able to display them in a mind map form. This would greatly improve the usability for Evernote and I would certainly pay a premium for this function if it were to be developed. Evernote currently seems to be stuck in time and not advancing forward in terms of creative functionality. Since the current market for a quality mind map application is limited or over-priced, Evernote has an excellent opportunity to gain ground in this area and hence make it an even more powerful tool. I would recommend looking at an app called Novamind or Mindjet for design hints. The mind map should have a basic style. The problem with a lot of the current mind mapping tools is that they go spinning out of control with colors and photos and they lose their professional feel. Since we do business to business web and UI design, and I am a mind map user,  I would be happy to help with advise along these lines. thanks

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I like to have all my notes in Evernote. One place for all my notes.  I also like mindmaps as a consultant to map out my work environment that changes with every new custoomer.

The open source mindmap software like xmind is not suitable as I want to be independent of a computer with installed programs also it doesn't really integrate with evernote. At this moment I use mindmup in a combination with google drive. Mindmup works great, but it is stored in google drive and not evernote.  The reason it works great is because it does not have many distractions and features. Just a good tool for mindmapping.  A seamless integration with mindmup and evernote might work out great. 

I already pay for premium. This is a feature that would justify the costs for the next years to come.

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