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(Archived) Graphical glitches in Evernote for Android


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This is going to be a loong post with quite a few images but bare with me. The basic premise is this: On all high resolution screens the Evernote client looks like *****.

Let's start with what the user sees first.

The Icon:


The icon is very low res, it's clearly made too look good on medium res devices, like the Hero for example. It really needs to be scaled up so that we with Droids, Nexuses or Desires really can show off Evernote in all it's glory. (This applies to all the graphical glitches I'm going to show you)

Next, the homescreen


Maybe it's hard to see without something to reference it too. Fear not, here is a screenshot of the Twitter home screen:


See the difference here? It's like night and day. I'm not saying you have to get all blue with fluffy clouds but you really need too scale up those graphics.

Pending Notes

We start off with more of the same (I'm starting too sound like a broken record, I know): Scale up those graphics!


Also, what's up with the blackness? Why not design a fresh, light, bright gui? I get nightmares from this view, and also the Create text note view. Is there really a reason for it to necessarily be black? It really doesn't fit in with the rest of the evernote experience (maybe apart from the iPad app, which is gorgeous btw)

Sound recorder:


Apart from the, again, low quality graphics there's also something strange going on with the Press to record bevel. Is it supposed to be cut off at the bottom? If it is, it looks weird. And grey... really? Grey? It's not a very flattering colour.


This is more of a general question. Are anyone using this feature? Wouldn't it be better if you got a gallery picker so that you instantly can upload images from your camera right within the app? And than hide the Upload any file you want option under the menu button? Just a thought and more of a general question to the community. Everytime I press that button I do it thinking that I want to upload photos. It always ends with me going to the gallery app and share the photos with Evernote.


That's all

Sorry for making such a fuss about this but I really care. I cannot show off Evernote to my friends because, frankly, I'm ashamed. It really doesn't look good and it's soooo easy to fix these things. (Believe me, I'm an android developer myself, it's not hard)

I'm also sorry if I come off a bit condescending, it has not been my intent. I only want to lift these issues to the surface since they haven't been shown much love in the past. I would love for you to make one of the most gorgeous apps for the Android platform. I think that would make a lot more people try Evernote for android out. And it would make my life easier when I showcase great Android apps.

If you've come this far, thanks a lot for reading and sorry for all the high res images but they were kind of needed to get the point across.

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So from what I understand the iOS4 version of the software have already been upgraded with high-res icons and artwork. And you have had just a couple of weeks to fix that since the Apple Announcement. Where is the Android love? :(

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We just hired two new full-time engineers on Android, which means we now have more engineering on Android than on iPhone. I carry a Droid, and we love Android!

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