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user evangelization to app developers


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You need to make it easier for your Evernote users to lobby app developers to get their apps working with Evernote.

Back in the day Evernote really had the app developer's mind share the way that DropBox has it today.

Your best users have dozens of apps they use that they would love to see working with Evernote!

My list:

  • Wunderlist: Ability to sync lists with a Wunderlist Notebook on Evernote  would be powerful.
  • Tweetbot: Ability to archive my Tweets with Evernote for archiving
  • Suru: Beautiful visualizer for Tasks and sub tasks
  • TextTool2 - Full blown iOS TextEditor. Would make a powerful front end for Evernote users needing it.
  • Printer Pro - A great utility for getting things printed. Would be nice to have Evernote in places to print from list.
  • Jot (Just Open & Type) - The concept is good, but this app isn't it. Ideally an encrypted text entry app that synced encrypted secure notes with Evernote would be a really good API to let developers implement in their apps.
  • Soulver - One of the great notepad calculators could bring doing back of the napkin calculations to Evernote.
  • PDF Expert - Seriously the app I use to highlight text in PDFs. Pseudo competes with Premium, but a little friendly competeration would be good.
  • TextDetective - A simple scan to text app that would benefit from being able to share to Evernote (Share not even enabled, but text detection is good)

I would put your product manager and evangelist back on the job of getting 3rd party support for Evernote back to legendary status. You gave up ground to Google Docs as the world's online word processor, DropBox for storing ***** on the cloud and OneNote for unlimited data and Note Taking mindshare Come on, they don't even have a platform outside of Windows and there is no reason why Penultimate can't be a Microsoft Surface app and bring the fight to their own platform. The way to win this is by being a super stable API for 3rd party apps that need to edit, share and store notes - Evernote!

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Hi.  In most cases I think Evernote may take the view (my opinion only - never confirmed by the company) that with 200M users,  they're a really,  REALLY good conpany for smaller app developers to work with.  (Think:  How would you like to sell your app to most of Japan?)

Evernote publish their API,  so anyone wanting their app to link in to Evernote can make it happen.  Plus - Evernote is one company and a big chunk of their users will have a LOT of favoured apps - it's not feasible for Evernote to open negotiations with (hundreds of?) thousands of other companies. 

If you use an app and would like to have it integrate with Evernote - my opinion would be:  start with the app developer!

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