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Evernote handles chemical names weirdly


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Hi Evernote,


Can you give any insight on the Evernote text engine? I've heard that it was different on each platform, and not from a unified Latex or other standardized text engine.

When I try to add chemical formula names like C3H8I notice that Mac App Evernote doesn't always handle subscripts all that well. Usually it works, but sometimes I have to fight the app.

Even the block of text between these two chemicals is acting weird with their formatting. Copy/paste these these two propanols and try to delete the blank space to see if you have the same issue. 




Any insights? Any hope of an easy fix? I use PopClip and TextSoap a lot!





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I'm also having this problem - I can't find out how to get subscript on EN for Windows or iOS, and it's pretty irritating. 

I think EN for web handles them fine, but it's not great if you have to switch around to web just to put something simple in like CO2.

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