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Better Pen Support on Windows 10




I've started to use my new Lenovo Yoga X1 Ultrabook.

It has Touchpad and Touch Pen onboard.

I'm an Evernote user since a couple of years now and one of the reasons to buy a X1 was to use the pen function within Evernote.

But, to be honest, the pen support within Evernote on Windows 10 is horrible. There are very good implementations for any other Tablet including Android and iPad, that are really useful. But Windows 10 support does not even allow to start with handwritten notices by default.


I think it'll be very helpful to come up with full tablet support in the Windows 10 App like it is in other tablet apps. This will help Evernote to spread widely within that community.

By now, I'm using MyScript Nebo instead, at least to use handwriting features. In the first it would be helpful to make imports vom Nebo into Evernote possible, if full include of all handwriting features is a longer track to do.


Hoping you'd thing about my request and make it work in the near feature :-)


Wirh best regards from Germany


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I just bought a Lenovo Yoga and am learning how to use the pen. The person in the Microsoft Store said I had to switch to OneNote for me to be able to mark up articles with my pen and save the mark-up. I'd really like to be able to do that in Evernote instead.

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Yes, I have the same suggestion! Our company uses Windows 10 on all computers, and I've been an Evernote fan for a few years now but you cannot use the pen and with more of the team moving to Lenovo X1 Yoga's or Microsoft Surface devices it's critical Evernote add this.

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I find it quite surprising that there isn't Pen support for Windows 10 tablets - Just purchased the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 and spent about 20 minutes trying to get the pen to work.  It may be worth giving Evernote up for one of the other "supported" note taking apps.  I hope this is one is on the Evernote Team's  To-Do "Note". 

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I just purchased a MS Surface Pro and love it...but I can't use the Pen with Evernote.  I can with OneNote.  Hello?  I really don't want to migrate all of my work from Evernote to OneNote.  When will this be addressed?  Thank you!

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On 2/19/2019 at 5:51 PM, Alex Y said:

There is pen support now for surface but it sucks. 
The pen support is for an ink note.

I've been using other Windows apps to avoid using Ink Note, which is fine but adds a few steps to the process (save as pdf, import). Using Plumbago at the moment for inking, but I've also used Word (which has its own problems).

Does anyone have a better workaround? 

I also annotate pdfs in Foxit Reader to avoid using the EN pdf annotator. Again, not a major issue but it would be great if inking and pdf annotating were better in EN.  

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