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"Show note counts in sidebar" meaning


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Hi all,

Simple question, I'm unsure of what "Show note counts in sidebar" means and am seeking some clarification on the term.

I recently looked into my preferences and noticed the "Show notes in sidebar" box and checked it to see what happens. Some notes have no number, some have 1, some 5. Also, my notebooks are all private, I don't share them with anyone.

Thanks for your help!

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4 hours ago, b12 said:

"Show note counts in sidebar" means

Here's a screenshot from my Mac58d6ade77d249_ScreenShot2017-03-25at10_48_01AM.png.4f46a2eef8952712569648d517609090.png with examples

The preference means that counts are showed for tags and notebooks 

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I have notebooks that have notes in them, but no number is appearing in the sidebar.  I see that you have some notebooks without counts shown as well in your screen shot, any idea why some show costs and others don't?  In my screen shot EVERY SINGLE notebook has notes in it, but only some are showing counts in the sidebar.



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On 12/10/2018 at 4:38 PM, Jeff Schmidt said:

any idea why some show costs and others don't?

Note counts are not shown for saved searches.
If a notebook contains no notes, a blank note count is shown

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