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(Archived) Evernote Plugin with Chrome

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I mostly use Safari as my browser with the Evernote plugin. But I'm trying to use Chrome for a couple of weeks.

Is there any way that I can run the Evernote plugin with Chrome? The Web Clipper is much worse than the plugin for tagging stuff. With the plugin I get tag completion.


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I know about the Chrome Extension, but it is not as powerful as the plugin, hence my question.

The plugin talks to my local Evernote application, and so it can work even when I'm clipping opened tabs while offline. Also, given that it calls the local app, I get tag completion.

The Chrome extensions lacks both of those features: you must be online to use it, and it lacks tag completion.


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No, the Chrome Extension clips directly to the web service. There's no comparable native mode, although you can select any part of a web page and then use the global "Clip Selection" hotkey from the system tray icon. (Default: Win+A)

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