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(Archived) Web app: Note is not moving out of default folder



I have moved a note from a default notebook into another one.

While everything appears correct in Mac Desktop version,

Web application [safari] keeps the note in default notebook.

I tried to sync repetedly, refresh, clear cache, log out, log in again...no luck...it is still there.

I thought it will sort itself out after a while due to some cashing other then browser...whatever, but after a whole day it is still not moving away from there.

I wouldn't like to constantly worry about such things as there are notes that I might not want in public notebook for instance etc.

All in all I need to trust the app to do what it is told to do, not to act unpredicable or inconsisten.

I'm sure you understand the importance.

Note: Moving notes from default notebook to other notebook took place in Mac Desktop version if this is of any help.

I could probably move it again in online version, but this is exaclty opposite of what I expect the software to do.

Thanks in advance,

Denis Kostic

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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