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why and for what I quit evernote

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Evernote couldn't get rid of it old cons - it has bad user interface and it works slow.

So I quit Evernote after years of trying to benefit from it. I used Basic, I used Premuim for year or two - it doesn't matter. I always end up collecting a bunch of unrelated data I can't use. Sync with that evernote-award-winning Swipes didn't help. Nothing did.

I quit Evernote for the bunch of reasons, here's main:

speed, structure, user interface and threrefore - usability.


Now I use Simplenote each time I need a quick text pastebox or a quick note. 1680 plain text bits and counting. Size varies from the names to articles or the books. Search is a lightning. Launches less than in a second, works offline everywhere, syncs flawlessly. Extra options - txt in zip archive, dropbox sync. For free.


Workflowy is for the structure, tasks, notes and  thinking process.  I keep there 20.000 + and counting notes and texts. Still works faster than Evernote did. 2 seconds to launch desktop chrome app which works offline and 3-4 seconds for mobile app on the iPhone 5. Workflowy has it's cons but there's a structure can't be beaten. I outline my 20.000 notes they way they can be seen in a 600x280px window. Though I prefer 600x780px to see 30 lines of my data. Wonder what are the dimesions and the complexity of the interface needed to handle this data ocean? 600x73px. 8 buttons and a search field.  I use 3 of them. Also there were 6 keyboard shortcuts I needed to remember. 2 of them was "copy" and "paste" I happen two know before. Copy and paste works for thousands of notes user can move and outline in the same time. #tags for additional organisation. Works instantly. All tags can be placed anywhere in text.

Rest   is done by the google drive, google keep, google docs and related services.

Images? Paperless? One can shoot and save photos right into the folders on the google drive today. + You can save images for your research right from the google image search.  Camscanner is the best tool to digitalize documents. Can't be beaten today. Dropbox provides save features without image fine-tuning. Png, or PDF. Dropbox Recorder app is used to record long audio - this is the only tool I'm not sure is the best on the market, I'll be thankful for better advice.

Still - today I see the once revolutionary ideas in the fundament of the Evernote was neatly implemented by others. I can write, record, photo, collect, outline and never forget anything without good old elephant.

The thing is Evernote is still the only tool that can do everything at once somehow. So there's a few people might be happy to stick with it. It's just not for me.

Every time I've looked at the Evernote for this years I felt a strong urge to redesign it from the scratch. For now - farewell, Evernote. We're done untill I get a letter from the HQ hiring me to prototype the new everything )

PS I decided to post this here because of the continuous error {"success":"false","reason":"csrf_failure"} on the Premium to Basic transition page.

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