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I want to change my app name.

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Currently, Evernote and my app eBeam Marker work together.

I want to change the name eBeamNote to eBeam Marker.



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I don`t want change the account name.

Please Check the attached screenshot.

I want to change the contents of the screenshot as shown below.

"Sign in to authorize eBeamNote" -> "Sign in to authorize eBeam Marker


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Ah.  I assume that's information supplied by your app,  or connected with your API key.  We're an Evernote user forum.  No idea how you change that name.  Sorry.

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You'll need to post that request in StackOverflow, as that's the place where Evernote developer support has designated.  Note that your request may get downvoted because you're not asking a true development question, but that's the only place you can really post for a developer support request.  You could try filing a regular support ticket and ask that it be routed to developer support, but I'm not sure if customer support will do that or not.

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