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Evernote on Windows 7 crashes on a daily basis. Any workarounds?

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Hi there,

I have been using Evernote for Windows 7 Pro for almost 1.5 years. Since day 1, it would crash occasionally. Lately, with the newest 6.4.2, it seems to crash almost on a daily basis. Often, it would crash a few times a day which makes the product almost useless. This happens while I am typing something.

Any idea what could be wrong and workarounds out there?

Activity log is attached. It should contain at least 2 crashes for today alone. Thanks a lot for your help.



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Hi.  The latest Evernote version (AFAIK) is 6.5.4 so I'd suggest that you uninstall your current version,  then download and install a clean copy of the latest update from Evernote.com.  If you're still suffering from crashes after it may be possible to rebuild your database from the server copy - you'd need to backup any local notebooks if you have them.

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