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Copy and Paste: setting a pattnern

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Hi.  "Set a pattern"???  There is a 'paste and match style' so that copy/ pasted material (in theory) matches the appearance of the paragraph it's been dropped into.  There's no format painter to allow you to copy a layout from one place and paste  just the style into another...

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Thanks for the explanation.

What I want to say is how to control the formatting when we paste text in a new note. When I cut or copy text and then paste it into a new note, I would like it to look in a specific format in the destination note (e.g. Times new Roman 14; lines 1,5; justified etc). In Word is possible to adjust the paste options, and then when you paste the text, it matches the look that you previously define.

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Hmmn.  You can set the 'standard' text format in Options,  but that doesn't give you much in the way of style detail - you can't define headlines or colours forinstance

For pasting blocks of text the right-click "paste and match style" should do the trick.  To add more bells and whistles you could add in Templates - set up some notes with specific settings on holding text for size,  bold,  underline etc and save those notes as templates.  When you want to create your new phone note in a particular style and layout,  use a plain text note with the specific text content and copy/ paste and match style in the appropriate blocks.

For more style options,  use a word processor to set up the template and copy paste the formatted content into your template note.

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