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(Archived) Just bought Premium, already starting to regret it


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So today I sucked it up and bought a premium membership as I needed to upload some Word documents. I am already regretting the decision. And before anyone asks I am running the client found at http://s.evernote.com/androidbeta

Below are my major concerns / issues:

Documents to Go opens docx, xlsx etc, since this is my default word / excel application, why does Evernote for Android display the doc with as gibberish with a no application can open this error. It is a royal pain to have to resave all my docs in 2003 format. My other option is to cut / Paste all data into general notes, and then I really have no need for the premium client in the first place.

Uploading documents via the Windows client I cannot open files from within the Android client. I get a "document is a directory" error. It opens fine on an iPhone app. If I use the Web application all 2003 files open correctly (2007 is still a no go), but then what's the point of having a native desktop client if I cannot fully use it?

Why are there no notebooks in the android client? The whole premise of Evernote is notebooks, so it seems to me that this is something which is core to the application and yet it is not implemented.

I'd like to get an opening screen much more similar to the desktop clients. I usually do not want to add notes, but review them. It seems illogical to have to use the menu button when the layout should be much more like the desktop client.

Now that Android phones are outselling iPhone in the US, I hope some effort is being put into the Android client as it needs lots of work.

All I want is to be able to use the program and open documents. I am disappointed that the only way I could test Word and Excel documents wass to purchase a premium membership only to see that I cannot use this as I would hope.

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I didn't realize this until right now, thanks for giving me a heads up. I guess I will just work off of PDF's for the time being. Also, assuming they do fix this in the near term, I can't imagine that saving functionality will be even close to happening.

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